We’ve Partnered with NC State to Support its A2i Programme

We are pleased to partner with NC State University Graduate School’s Accelerate to Industry (A2i) Summer Industry Immersion programme.

Jon Volmer, our Senior Director of Research Biology and Innovation, said he was excited to learn about A2i, as a way for us to be involved with NC State and to have access to the university’s pool of graduate student talent.

From 1st April, late-stage doctoral students and postdocs can apply for this summer’s Accelerate to Industry Immersion Week. The programme introduces participants to possible careers in industry through an intensive week-long experience. As part of the partnership, MedPharm will be sharing tips for career success, in addition to an insight into what it’s like working for the company.


“At MedPharm’s Global headquarters, many employees were working on their PhDs with the full support of the company”, commented Volmer. “So, it seemed like a natural fit to partner with RTP universities when the company expanded with a site here.”

Volmer continues: “The company is seeking employees from a variety of disciplines, a research study director might have a degree in chemistry, biological sciences or immunology. Researchers working with MedPharm’s model systems may have studied tissue engineering or industrial engineering”.

This summer’s A2i Industry Immersion Week will be from 28th July to 2nd August at Hunt Library. Click here to read more and find out how to apply.

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