Our Expertise

Ophthalmic delivery presents both unique opportunities and challenges as a result of the eye’s distinctive structure and function. The eye is a complex organ with unique anatomy and physiology, and it can be difficult to overcome its natural protective barriers. From a patient perspective, any drug with the possibility of being delivered topically will have major benefits over an injection that must be performed by an appropriate healthcare professional.

Successful formulation of a topical eye product is reliant on a fundamental understanding of the complex, multi-layered nature of the surface of the eye. MedPharm has an outstanding track record of developing drops, lotions and injectables covering conjunctival, corneal, intravitreal and transscleral routes of delivery.

Our Solutions

MedPharm continues to develop new ophthalmic delivery models to support the latest product developments. In vitro and ex vivo models have proved themselves invaluable for de-risking development programmes and optimising topical drug formulations because they provide a strong indicator of the likely performance in the clinic.

The collective expertise of our scientists has led to the successful development of commercial topical, intravitreal (intra-ocular) and transscleral (peri-ocular) products for both immediate and controlled release. These models make use of human or porcine cornea and have helped optimise formulations and understand the fate of products applied without having to run in vivo trials.