Our Expertise

MedPharm has decades of experience in developing and characterizing suitable drug products for lung and nasal delivery. We have developed numerous respiratory products currently marketed in the US and Europe.

Drug delivery via these routes are attracting growing attention with the pharmaceutical industry in the space of inhalation formulation development. The industry is increasingly looking at screening drug candidates, formulations and devices in models that reliably extrapolate to in vivo, optimising the chances of clinical success.  In particular, the sophistication of in vitro models using human tissue, which MedPharm has pioneered, in the development of these products has greatly de-risked these lung and nasal delivery development programmes.

Our successful creation of performance models for MDI, DPI and nebuliser formulations has been made possible by the extensive and specialized expertise of our scientists. We use our rigorous procedures for optimal nebuliser design during early stage development.

Nasal Development Solutions     

MedPharm’s reconstituted nasal epithelial (RNE) models use primary human nasal epithelial cells to more closely mimic the in vivo physiology, cell signalling, and architecture. Our experts have further developed these RNE models and now have in vitro nasal disease models for coronavirus and bacterial infections, inflammation, and allergy. These developments mean these models can be used to:

  • assess drug delivery and efficacy of formulations and/or devices
  • monitor direct effects of drugs targeting the nasal epithelium due to cellular responses
  • assess local toxicity or irritation in advance of time-consuming and expensive clinical evaluation

We offer our clients support and advice on the most appropriate device for their nasal and inhalation formulation development programmes. Our approach focuses on patient centricity while helping to mitigate risks and significantly reduce costs as you progress through the drug product development pipeline.

CPhI Award 2020

MedPharm was named the People’s Choice winner in the Excellence in Pharma: ‘Innovation in Response to COVID-19’ category at the prestigious CPhI Pharma Awards 2020.

Our nomination comes as a direct result of our efforts in pioneering and refining new approaches for the development of new cost-effective in vitro models for nasal and lung epithelial tissue.