MedPharm has been significantly involved in the development of several topical dermatology products registered in the USA. This proven track record demonstrates the successful experience that any client gains with us as a partner.

Scientific integrity underpins our holistic approach to product development. This gives clients the data and information they need to convince management, investors and regulators alike about the benefits of their topical product. From the initial concept through to registering a commercial product, MedPharm is there to guide clients through the complexities standing in the way of their projects.

MedPharm’s formulation development carefully considers the key properties of the API to maximize thermodynamic properties and optimize performance. 

We use our unique in vitro performance testing models to mitigate the risks involved when selecting the best formulation to take to the clinic. Our scientists are always focused on the target product profile, ensuring that the final product provides maximum benefit for the patient with the simplest compliance.

Using our experience working with large pharmaceutical companies and small biotech start-ups, we know how to create a custom development program that maximizes the benefits at each stage.