Our Expertise

MedPharm is a world-leading CDMO specializing in topical and transdermal products. We are known for our expertise in the development, performance testing, and manufacturing of effective, safe, and robust dermatological formulations. Our extensive knowledge has evolved from our 20 years of specialized experience with dermal topical and transdermal development.
We are experts in developing a wide range of semi-solid dosage forms including creams, gels, sprays, foams, ointments, lotions, mousses and lacquers. This proficiency extends to developing transdermal patches across a range of designs, from drug in adhesive to multi-layer.

Transdermal Patches

Adhesive/ Monolithic


Liquid and Semi-solids

Foams / Intravenous solutions / Lacquers / Creams / Gels / Ointments

Aerosol Foams and Pump Sprays

Spray on films

Risk-Mitigating Solutions

MedPharm is at the cutting edge of developing ex vivo penetration and disease models for topical formulation development. These models are used to optimize formulations and mitigate risk prior to costly clinical trials.

MedPharm has a large toolbox of performance testing models including:

  • In vitro release testing (IVRT) models used to select the optimised thermodynamics and release of actives from formulations
  • In vitro permeation testing (IVPT) models to measure drug permeation and penetration into the skin
  • Ex vivo human skin disease models involving local infections and inflammatory responses associated with these infections or pathway-specific stimulation (e.g. psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, acne, etc)

MedPharm’s proven, cost-effective dermal and transdermal solutions ensure that projects are right the first time, allowing our clients to get to market quicker.

Topical Manufacturing Services

In addition to our world-class formulation development and performance testing services, MedPharm also provides process development and topical manufacturing for clinical and commercial batches. Our GMP-accredited facilities in the United States and the United Kingdom are custom-built for the manufacture of semi-solids and liquids.