Interview: The Importance of Nasal Modelling: An Interview with ONdrugDelivery

Nasal delivery is appealing to drug developers for various reasons. It is a relatively painless and easily accessible route of administration and- due to its rapid onset and direct access to the central nervous system (CNS)- is well-suited for emergency medications. Although delivery to the nasal cavity is more straightforward than some other delivery routes, it is not without challenges. Physical modelling can be a valuable tool for identifying and overcoming such challenges.

In this article with ONdrugDelivery, our Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Jon Lenn, and Senior Director of Research Biology and Innovation, Dr. Jon Volmer, discuss the importance of nasal modelling and how MedPharm’s proprietary nasal cavity modelling technology, MedCast, can be used to refine and optimise nasal formulations.

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