Novel In Vitro Nail Models for Topical Development

MedPharm has validated proprietary models for measuring the permeation, penetration and efficacy of customer’s products into and across the nail

In a recent paper, published in Expert Opinion on Drug Delivery, MedPharm discuss the various in vitro models that have been developed. Our models allow for the study of the mechanisms of ungual drug absorption and formulation efficacy to be assessed. Inside you can learn about the TurChub® zone of inhibition, ChubTur® nail permeation, TurSh nail penetration and RoMar antifungal efficacy models.
nail turchub
MedPharm has used its development expertise on formulations for nails to support clients on two occasions to obtain regulatory approval with in vitro bioequivalence testing only. With clinical trials being a costly and high-risk approach to generic approval, the described novel in vitro screening and performance testing techniques offer a de-risked and less-expensive route to market.

Please click here to gain access to the paper.

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