Poster: Method improvement in IVPT: Reducing the variability of an inherently variable technique

In-vitro permeation testing (IVPT) is a valuable screening tool for the development of topical and transdermal formulations. The release of bioequivalence guidance drafts by both the EMA and the FDA relying on IVPT has only increased the importance of this methodology. The test involves dosing human skin samples with Drug Products and measuring the permeation and penetration of the drug through each sample. Data interpretation can often be hampered by the high degree of inter- and intra- donor variability. Although inter-donor variability is a likely representation of the true variance in the population, it may be possible to reduce intra-donor variability through refinement of IVPT methods.

One refinement of IVPT methods adopted at MedPharm is the use of an automated flow-through IVPT system (MedFlux-HT®).

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