MedPharm’s New US Based Laboratories Are Now Operational

MedPharm, the leading topical and transdermal formulation development specialist announced today that its new USA based subsidiary; MP Pharma Services Inc. is now fully open and operational. The US based team have now successfully completed the first client studies at the new site following full equipment and process validation.

MedPharm is pleased to announce that its new USA based laboratories MP Pharma Services Inc. are now fully operational, following 6 months of building, fitting and validation. Headed up by VP of MedPharm US, Dr Jon Lenn, the state of the art labs offer services in topical and transdermal formulation performance testing. “MedPharm is already established as the leader in topical and transdermal development. I am excited to further increase MedPharm’s capabilities with new models giving clients a strategic advantage with a more advanced toolkit to help mitigate development challenges, whether it is for new chemical entities, reformulation, generics or claim substantiation.” The facility will provide clients with access to MedPharm’s unique and novel in vitro models. These allow assessment of compound libraries and formulation performance through efficacy, target engagement and delivery testing in quicker and more reliable ways than previously possible. These new models complement those already offered at MedPharm’s UK based operation. When combined with the formulation and manufacturing know-how that the company has built up, MedPharm’s clients have an unrivalled development toolkit at their disposal to help reduce the risk and costs associated with product development.

“This is an exciting milestone for MedPharm. Adding capacity to our thriving UK business and bringing on board new proprietary testing models, will give our clients the best opportunity yet of reaching the market with the products we develop for them.  As well as offering new in services and capacity to all of our partners, our clients in North and South America will now also benefit from having the opportunity for even closer contact with MedPharm.” commented Dr Andrew Muddle, CEO.

Prof Marc Brown CSO states; “Dr Lenn brings with him extensive experience and expertise in topical and transdermal drug delivery having held senior positions in Stiefel and GSK. He has taken a leading role in numerous successful NDA and ANDA regulatory submissions. Since his appointment he has overseen the building of the new facility as well as the recruitment of further expertise into the new site based in Durham, North Carolina, This milestone marks the beginning of the next chapter for MedPharm. We have established ourselves as the leading topical and transdermal development company and have marked our intention to continue striving for innovation in order to offer the best development tools available to our clients.”

About the company:

MedPharm is the leading topical and transdermal pharmaceutical development company. It is recognised internationally for its expertise in transdermal and topical (skin, nail, nose, lungs and other mucosal membranes) formulations and drug delivery systems. Initiated in 1996, MedPharm has built a worldwide reputation for its unique and highly specialized service in contract research, development and manufacturing. The company offers a complete suite of development options from simple feasibility tests, formulation and dosage form design, optimisation and testing through to preparation of GMP investigational products for use in clinical trials world-wide. MedPharm  is unique in that its proprietary in-vitro models are the only ones to have been recognised by the regulators as suitable surrogates for clinical trials.  The company operates a hybrid business model, with a CRO business and a development programme with a substantial patent portfolio of novel topical and transdermal drug delivery systems including MedSpray®, MedRo® and AquaRMed™. It has produced these innovations by exploiting its internal product development expertise. MedPharm’s laboratories in the UK are routinely inspected by Regulatory Authorities and are certified for GMP and GLP studies.

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