MedPharm Granted New MedSpray® Patent

Guildford, UK: MedPharm Ltd (, the world’s leading topical and transdermal drug development specialist, today announced it has been granted a new patent for its MedSpray® drug delivery technology in Japan.

MedSpray is a spray on film that allows controlled and enhanced drug delivery to or across the skin. The near-invisible film dries within 20-30 seconds and characteristics can be manipulated to suit product requirements; for example it can be made waterproof, near-invisible, or occlusive. Enhanced and sustained drug delivery can be achieved using MedSpray as the technology produces a film that is super-saturated with drug. These delivery benefits result in increased patient compliance by offering the possibility of reducing dosage frequency via an aesthetically elegant dosage form. Topical and transdermal drug delivery has significant advantages over other more traditional oral delivery routes including bypassing  first pass metabolism, improving toxicity profiles, and offering the potential for sustained and targeted drug delivery, which companies are increasingly looking to exploit. To dateMedSpray has been trialled with over 25 drugs up to, and including, clinical evaluation.

MedPharm’s CEO, Dr. Andrew Muddle, commented: “We now have patents for MedSpray in all key countries throughout Europe, North America, and the rest of the world. Widening our patent coverage will enable our licensees to bolster the commercial use of the technology.  Japan has always been a key market for MedPharm, as many of our clients and licensees are based in the country. Currently, MedPharm has a number of licensees worldwide who are developing products with this technology, and with these new patents our clients can continue to expand their MedSpray-based products into new markets”.

MedPharm’s strategy is to use its unrivalled expertise in topical and transdermal drug delivery to work successfully with its partners in developing new products, with MedPharm providing formulation and delivery know-how, and the partner providing the drug. All such MedSpray agreements are based upon payment of royalties and contract development fees to MedPharm.

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