News: Prof Marc Brown- The Medicine Maker 2023 Power List

April 20, 2023

MedPharm Scientific Advisory Committee Chair and Co-founder, Professor Marc Brown, has been included in The Medicine Maker’s 2023 Power List. This list highlights the most influential and inspirational leaders across the small molecule, biopharmaceutical, and advanced medicine spaces. Prof Brown was nominated in the small molecule category, and is being recognized for his contributions to the topical development industry.

Prof Brown co-founded MedPharm out of King’s College London in 1999, alongside Dr. Andrew Muddle, and has been the primary guiding force behind MedPharm’s scientific developments and intellectual property over the last three decades. He has been involved in the development of 80+ products, for a variety of disease indications, that are now on the market in Europe, North America, and Asia.

Over the course of his career, Prof Brown has given more than 65 invited lectures, has authored more than 200 scientific publications, and holds 26 patents describing his work. He also holds professorships at the University of Reading, King’s College London, and the University of Hertfordshire, where he was awarded the status of Professor Emeritus in 2022. He has sponsored more than 50 P.h.D. students, including several MedPharm team members.

In 2019, Prof Brown co-authored, The Art and Science of Dermal Formulation Development, which has become widely recognized as the preeminent reference handbook for dermal drug product development.

To learn more about this award and read their profile on Prof Brown, visit The Medicine Maker’s website today.

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