News: MedPharm Completes £1.5M Renovation of Guildford Site

The MedPharm team is excited to announce that the £1.5m renovation and expansion of our Surrey campus is now complete. This expansion increases MedPharm’s lab space in Guildford by 35% and allows us to continue meeting the growing demand for topical and transdermal product development and manufacturing.

The renovation was completed over the course of one year and in three phases, allowing MedPharm’s team in Guildford to continue serving clients throughout. The remodel was a collective effort between the MedPharm UK team and US team, as well as the designers, Oktra, who were able to piece together designs and create a space that meets the needs of each department.

Upon completion of the refurb, MedPharm’s General Manager – UK, Dr. Rob Turner, said:

“I am so proud of everyone involved. We spent nearly a year designing a space that maximized every inch of the buildings and reached their fullest potential.

There really is a personal touch from all the staff in how the buildings’ layouts are designed. We worked closely with our US colleagues to ensure the designs were similar to their fantastic facilities, in order to achieve a global MedPharm feel.”

In addition to increasing lab space, the refurbishment also provides additional collaborative space for visitors and team members, will improve efficiency and flow in the lab, and is the first of many steps MedPharm is taking to become greener. The facilities are now equipped with better-insulated windows and doors, adaptive technology, motion-detecting LED lights and other design features that make the Guildford site more eco-friendly.

MedPharm President and CEO, Eugene Ciolfi, commented, “The Guildford refurbishment was a tremendous accomplishment for the company and more specifically, the MedPharm team.

The company invested £1.5m to complete this task and this newly expanded, modernized facility allows us to continue providing the best-in-class formulation, analytical, and manufacturing services for which MedPharm is known. We can’t wait to see what the new year has in store for us.”

About MedPharm

MedPharm is a global contract provider of topical and transdermal formulation development services specializing in reducing risk through unique, cost-effective, and industry-leading performance testing models. MedPharm offers innovative dermal/transdermal, respiratory, mucosal membrane, ophthalmic, and ungual product development solutions with locations in the United Kingdom and the United States. For more information, visit or follow us on LinkedIn.