News: MedPharm Announces Expansion of Formulation Development and Analytical Service Labs in the UK

MedPharm Ltd, the world leader in formulation development and analytical services for topical and transdermal products, is thrilled to announce a £1.5M investment into the refurbishment and expansion of our 15,000 sq ft campus in Surrey, UK that will increase our UK laboratory space by 35%.  

With a planned increased presence of automated technologies stemming from this £1.5M investment, this new technology will help build upon and further support MedPharm’s position in the pharmaceutical formulation development and testing sectors for topical and transdermal drug delivery products.  

Scheduled to be completed during the fourth quarter of 2021, the increased capacity will allow MedPharm to continue meeting the growing demand for its topical and transdermal services.  

Dr Rob Turner, General Manager UK, MedPharm comments that the expansion and refurbishment of the laboratory space will allow a more streamlined workflow – providing an optimal service our clients can benefit from for many years to come. 

“We are excited to be renovating our formulation development and analytical laboratories, clinical manufacturing suites and personnel workspace to ensure our operations and capabilities remain state of the art.”, commented Dr Rob Turner, General Manager UK. 

“During the renovations, we will take extensive steps to de-risk the process and do not expect any disruption to our existing services, quality of scientific deliverables and client commitments throughout the refurbishment.”  

“MedPharm has been supporting clients from Guildford for 15 years and this renovation will secure our footprint here in Surrey for years to come.” 

About MedPharm

MedPharm is the world’s leading contract provider of topical and transdermal formulation development and manufacturing services. Our experts specialize in reducing risk and accelerating development times for generic and proprietary pharmaceutical customers through cost-effective and industry-leading performance testing models. Well-established as the global leader in dermal and transdermal product development, MedPharm also offers innovative solutions for airway, ophthalmic, otic, ungual, and other topical preparations. With locations in both the US and the UK, MedPharm is the CDMO of choice for developers around the globe.