Tergus Pharma and MedPharm are now one company!

Tergus + MedPharm

The two premier topical experts have joined forces to create the world’s leading topical CDMO with global reach, experienced leadership, strong financial backing, and expanded end-to-end capabilities from early stage development through full commercial production of topical drug products.

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Employee Testimonials

We couldn’t achieve our mission without the dedication of our experienced team delivering a high standard of science. Those working across each of our departments bring specialised expertise and a passion for developing innovative scientific solutions – ensuring that customers are taking the best and most effective formulation to clinical trials.

  • Prior to joining the MedPharm US team I worked in the Ag Biotech sector supporting crop science research.

    My role within Performance Testing involves carrying out IVRT/IVPT performance tests, MedFlux experiments and various forms of method development. My involvement in various projects means that there is a consistent and stimulating workload which matches our ever-expanding capabilities here at MedPharm.

    MedPharm is a great company to work for and everyone is encouraged to make meaningful contributions in a fun, relaxed and cooperative environment. There is a strong emphasis on maintaining a healthy work-life balance along with many opportunities for career development.

  • I applied for MedPharm back in 2013 after getting my degree in Forensic Science & Law from Keele University as I was looking to find a job where I’d be able to work hands-on in the lab. What keeps me wanting to work at MedPharm is the constant opportunities to learn and develop upon existing skills.

    My duties involve day-to-day management of my team to make sure we’re working on the right projects and making the most efficient use of our time. My job also involves a fair amount of troubleshooting and problem solving, which I thoroughly enjoy, as well as data review and document review. There is also an aspect of trying to improve efficiencies within the department, which could cover new processes or the introduction of new pieces of equipment.

    The working environment is a good balance between being flexible and having enough pressure to keep you motivated to get the tasks done.

    MedPharm is a fast-paced R&D environment, which means challenges crop-up regularly as we’re working with unknown compounds a lot of the time. Challenges can vary per project, sometimes you will be working out why the practical results don’t tie in with the theoretical ones. Other times you will be working out which set of tests to run on which pieces of equipment to enable us to best understand our product.

    There are opportunities to develop knowledge by attending training courses, internal and external. Due to MedPharm’s size, there is also the opportunity to learn not just about your own department, but gain an insight into other departments, how they work and how we tie all the information together to deliver to the sponsor. As with most things, the more you put into your development, the more you will get out!

  • In the past 2.5 years, MedPharm has provided me with many learning opportunities: from picking up cross-functional duties to attending national conferences.  MedPharm has helped me steer my own career path in the short time I have been here. They are employee-focused just as much as they are customer-focused.

  • Life in the analytical department is fast paced, lively and full of energy – both in the office and the laboratories. My day is spent operating and troubleshooting HPLC and GC systems, running the samples from the day to day experiments and processing data for the project managers.

    I joined straight out of University, keen to learn and experience the world of R&D, and MedPharm swiftly allowed me to hit the ground running. I’ve had the chance to advance my knowledge and gain new skills in a wide range of areas but I still feel as though I have barely scratched the surface! The company is always ready to embrace and teach young scientists and the culture is upbeat and energetic, with a wide range of social activities planned and a good atmosphere amongst employees.

    Every day presents an exciting challenge, from time management to trouble shooting results; I am constantly developing and learning skills to make sure I produce good results. MedPharm has a wealth of knowledge to give and it’s a great place to be, learn and develop.

  • I came to MedPharm after working for a CRO in pharmaceutical research and medical device research with a strong GLP background. From the start, I was blown away by the positive attitudes and interactions I had with MedPharm associates. During my interview the contagious team spirit and camaraderie was too impossible to ignore – I knew immediately that this was the right place for me!

    Although I have only been a Project Manager here for a few months, I’m still impressed at how everyone is willing to offer a helping hand and takes the time to make sure I completely understand the processes. Every project is unique and different, it’s my job to make sure the timelines are met and that I am responsive to clients’ needs. When it comes to scientific testing, there are often speedbumps along the path. However, my role is to help navigate those speedbumps and give the client the best results possible.

    I’m amazed at the exceptional team that I am lucky to be a part of and am very proud of the work that we do. When you join MedPharm, it really does feel like you are becoming a member of a family: one that is supportive, nurturing and gregarious!

  • I joined MedPharm as Project Support Assistant after graduating from University of Portsmouth with a BSc (Hons) in Biochemistry. MedPharm constantly offers new challenges and the opportunity to learn from experts in their fields in a fast paced, challenging, supportive environment ensures that no day is boring.

    Management have been supportive in providing me with challenges at my request. A year on and I have gone from no knowledge of semisolid formulation development to becoming a Study Manager and being responsible for planning, managing and reporting on my own formulation development studies with the help from the team and management.

  • I joined MedPharm as a contract accountant when the US site first opened in 2016. After working with many people in both the US and the UK, I knew MedPharm was the type of company I wanted to work for. When I was offered a full-time position, I gladly took it.

    Even members outside the lab understand what we do and take pride in the fact that we help make a difference in peoples’ lives. The company culture has fostered an environment that rewards our hard work and promotes a real sense of community among the employees.


Equal Opportunities Statement

MedPharm is an Equal Opportunity Employer. MedPharm does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, non-disqualifying physical or mental disability, national origin, veteran status or any other basis covered by appropriate law. All employment is decided on the basis of qualifications, merit, and business need.