Advanced Wound Care Summit

Boston, MA

April 16, 2024 - April 17, 2024

Advanced Wound Care Summit

Connect with MedPharm at the Advanced Wound Care Summit in Boston on April 16th & 17th!

On April 17th at 12 pm EST, Dr. Jon Volmer, Senior Director of Research Biology and Innovation, will present:

“Adapting long-term skin explant culture methods for a more consistent wound healing model”

    • Explore the limitations of current wound healing models, characterized by labor-intensive procedures and inconsistent depth, compounded by practical constraints in ex vivo skin culturing.
    • Discover two groundbreaking technologies designed to address these challenges:
      • Uncover the Skin Life Extension (SLEP) culture method, extending ex vivo skin viability for up to 4 weeks.
      • Understand the functionality of a device that partially automates skin wounding, reducing variability and procedure duration.
    • By leveraging these innovations together, gain insights into effectively differentiating wound treatment effectiveness

Stop by our booth or contact our team to catch up in Boston!

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