MedPharm CSO Co-authoring Paper with Pfizer Scientists in Peer-reviewed Journal

MedPharm’s Chief Scientific Officer co-authoring paper with Pfizer scientists in peer-reviewed journal

The paper “Ex vivo (human skin) and in vivo (minipig) permeation of propylene glycol applied as topical crisaborole ointment, 2%” authored by Prof Marc Brown, MedPharm’s co-founder and CSO, and a team of scientists from Pfizer has recently been published in the peer-reviewed International Journal of Pharmaceutics.

Pfizer ex vivo crisaborole

The paper describes collaborative work on the extent of propylene glycol (PG) permeation in ex vivo human skin and in vivo in minipigs and shows there is an excellent correlation between the two experimental methods. Currently, the assumption by regulators is that that the systemic exposure of excipients such as PG in a topical formulation should be based on 100% absorption. The data has provided valuable evidence to suggest that this assumption is significantly overestimating the risk.

“This work is yet another excellent example of where the in vitro models we employ at MedPharm correlate well with in vivo outcomes,” commented Marc Brown. “We welcome opportunities like this where MedPharm can collaborate with clients to increase the general understanding of topical delivery and help them reduce risk in their topical and transdermal formulation development programs”.

To learn more about this research and get access to the article, please click here.

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