We’re Finalists in Two Categories at CPhI Pharma Awards 2020

MedPharm is pleased to announce that we have been shortlisted for two awards at this year’s CPhI Pharma Awards. We are excited to be selected as finalists for both ‘Excellence in Pharma: Analysis, Testing, and Quality Control’ and ‘Innovation in Response to COVID-19’.

These annual awards provide recognition to those leading experts in the pharmaceutical industry who turn inspiration into innovation.

MedPharm’s nomination comes as a direct result of our efforts in pioneering and refining new approaches for the development of new cost-effective in vitro models for nasal and lung epithelial tissue. Additionally, in response to the pandemic, MedPharm tailored its unique model to allow companies to assess therapeutic effectiveness of candidates against members of the Coronaviridae family. 

cphi in vitro

Eugene Ciolfi, President and CEO of MedPharm, commented: “To be shortlisted alongside such big names in the industry is a testament not only to MedPharm’s drive to develop unique new models, but also recognition for quickly adapting to be of immediate assistance to drug developers in the fight against COVID-19. By reducing the risks during drug development, the models are helping speed up development times and ensuring that patients that urgently need treatments, for what can be life threatening conditions, can gain access to effective drugs earlier than might otherwise have been possible.

MedPharm was named as the winner in the Analysis, Testing, and Quality Control category at the CPhI Pharma Awards 2019 for its creation of in vitro models as a cost-effective route to demonstrating bioequivalence.

The awards will take place on 13th October from 16.00 CET, during the annual CPhI Worldwide conference with a special ceremony being held on Monday 12th October from 16:00-17:30 CET for the Innovation in Response to COVID-19 category. We hope to see you there virtually to celebrate not just our success, but the excellence demonstrated across our whole industry during 2020.

About MedPharm

MedPharm is the world’s leading contract provider of topical and transdermal formulation development and manufacturing services. Our experts specialize in reducing risk and accelerating development times for generic and proprietary pharmaceutical customers through cost-effective and industry-leading performance testing models. Well-established as the global leader in dermal and transdermal product development, MedPharm also offers innovative solutions for airway, ophthalmic, otic, ungual, and other topical preparations. With locations in both the US and the UK, MedPharm is the CDMO of choice for developers around the globe.