5th Annual Transdermal & Intradermal Drug Delivery Systems 2018
Raquet Club of Philadelphia
6-7 September

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MedPharm’s CTO, Dr Jon Lenn will be presenting at this conference in September. With a growing interest in alternative routes of drug administration Jon’s talk will focus on how to maximise your chances of success in topical product development. Make sure you attend learn about the following aspects of topical formulation development:

  • API design and selection
  • Importance of preformulation and baseline understanding
  • Formulation selection; the drug, the patient, the disease, & the market
  • Performance testing models for formulation optimization and selection
  • In vivo models – how relevant are they
Get in Touch

Please complete the contact form here, or send us an email at busdev@medpharm.com to in order to set up a meeting. Alternatively, please feel free to come and find Jon and Daniel Morland during the conference get to know where MedPharm can help you in your transdermal development programme.

More details about the conference and registration can be found here.

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