Respiratory Drug Delivery (RDD Europe)
Estoril Congress Center, Lisbon, Portugal
7 – 10 May 2019

RDD Europe

MedPharm has developed numerous respiratory products currently marketed in the US and Europe. With experience in aerosol/MDI formulation, lung tissue penetration, and assessing novel systems for anti-abuse.

MedPharm offers client support and advice on the most appropriate device for their product matching formulation design to product design.

Much like MedPharm, the RDD Europe conference impacts regulatory and scientific policies worldwide. About 500 participants are expected to attend this international symposium devoted to issues surrounding nasal and pulmonary drug delivery.

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Please complete the contact form here, or send us an email at to in order to set up a meeting. Alternatively, please feel free to come to visit Daniel Morland during the conference and get to know where we can help you in your topical and transdermal development programme.

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