PhD Students  

MedPharm has sponsored many employees and students at partnering world-class universities to help ensure strong career prospects in industry. 

You’ll recognize many of our previous PhD students as MedPharm employees. In fact, some of the innovative models we have at MedPharm have come as a result of sponsored PhD programs. For example: 

  • Charles Evans developed a novel dynamic spray formulation for the treatment of Athlete’s foot. 
  • Jon Lenn improved biologic delivery to the skin.  
  • Francesco Caserta contributed to thermoregulating topical drug delivery systems. 
  • Jessica Neil is developing novel skin inflammatory pathway models for the development of topical medicines (expected to complete Sept 2022).

NC State Partnership 

MedPharm is a Premier Sponsor with North Carolina State (NC State) University’s Graduate School program: Accelerate to Industry (A2i).

“As an expanding organization in an industry driven by innovation, we are continuously seeking a variety of talent across our ever-expanding sites to support our customers’ needs. We welcome this opportunity to support graduates at a neighboring university with an outstanding reputation in the biomedical sciences,” commented Dr Jon Lenn, MedPharm’s Chief Technology Officer.

UK Placement Students

For many years, we have offered 12-month placements for university undergraduate students looking to complete a year in industry as part of their degree. These students have contributed to a range of key projects. Hiring young minds brings a new depth to our innovations and perfectly contrasts with our experienced members of staff to create a fresh approach to innovation.