Dr. Andrew G. Muddle PhD

Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder

Andrew Muddle co-founded MedPharm in August 1999. He has spent over 25 years in pharmaceutical drug delivery in roles of increasing seniority. He has focused on ensuring MedPharm’s commercial proposals meet customers’ expectations and oversight of the consistent and impressive growth of the company from its very beginnings. Prior to MedPharm, Andrew was Technical Director (Pharmaceutical Development) at PowderJect Pharmaceuticals plc where he was pivotal in its IPO in 1997.

Prof. Marc Brown PhD CChem FRSC

Chief Scientific Officer and Co-founder

Prof. Marc Brown PhD CChem FRSC co-founded MedPharm in August 1999. He has been the guiding force behind all of MedPharm’s scientific developments and intellectual property. He has been Professor of Pharmaceutics in the School of Pharmacy, University of Hertfordshire since 2006 and has visiting/honorary professorships at the Universities of Reading and King's College London. He has over 200 publications and 26 patents describing his work. His research interests lie mainly in drug delivery to the skin, nail and airways. To date, he has been involved in the pharmaceutical development of over 38 products that are now on the market in Europe, America and Japan. Prior to MedPharm he was an academic in the Pharmacy Department at KCL.

Julian Sales ACMA AMCT

Chief Financial Officer

Julian Sales has been MedPharm’s Chief Financial Officer since 2016. He is responsible for overseeing MedPharm’s finances, strategic planning and management of banking and audit relationships. Julian has helped ensure the company is well positioned to expand its unique capabilities, access a broader customer base and rapidly realise its full potential. He has been a member of Chartered Institute of Management Accountants and the Association of Corporate Treasurers for over 15 years.

Dr. Jeremy Drummond PhD

Senior Vice President of Business Development

Jeremy Drummond joined MedPharm in February 2017. He has spent over 20 years leading the commercial supply of product and services to the pharmaceutical companies across the globe. He is responsible for leading revenue growth, key client relationships and marketing MedPharm to its global customer base. Most recently he was Sales Director – Formulated Products with Aesica, the pharmaceutical contract manufacturer. He started his career as a technical formulator and has a PhD in organic chemistry from the University of Cambridge.

Dr. Jon Lenn PhD

Chief Technology Officer

Jon Lenn has direct responsibility for MedPharm’s operations in the United States based out of Durham, North Carolina. Since joining in 2015 he has led MedPharm’s development of cutting edge performance models for assessing penetration and activity of clients’ products targeted towards key biochemical pathways. He has over 15 years’ experience in developing dermatological projects with Connetics, Stiefel and GSK and has been directly involved with the development and approval of 8 products. He received his PhD on the topical delivery of macromolecules from the University of Reading.

Dr. Charles Evans BSc PhD

Senior Director of Formulation Development

Dr Charles Evans has been with MedPharm for over 10 years as part of the formulation and analytical development teams and leads MedPharm’s rigorous approach to developing formulations from proof of concept to robust commercial products. He has many years expertise in all types of topical, inhalation and transdermal formulations and played a key role in the development of MedPharm’s proprietary MedSpray® technology currently under license to customers to enhance their products' performance.

Dr. Rob Turner BSc PhD

Senior Director of Business Development and Innovation

Rob Turner was employee number 1 at MedPharm and is today the creative force behind the development of many of MedPharm's unique performance tests. These performance tests assess the activity of specific customer products in translatable ex vivo environments including the unique TurChub® and ChubTur® systems for measuring product performance through nails. In addition he leads MedPharm’s Study Directors, the technical team who project manage every step of a customer's development undertaken by MedPharm. He has a background in microbiology and obtained his PhD in bio-adhesion and drug delivery at the School of Pharmacy, University of Portsmouth.