Over the last 20 years MedPharm has built a worldwide reputation for helping our clients navigate the complex route to successful development of their pharmaceutical product. MedPharm is now well established as the leader in dermatology, nail, mucosal membrane and transdermal product development. Its unique industry-leading service ensures that its clients establish a data package regulators and investors can trust.

From its roots at King’s College London, MedPharm has grown into a thriving organisation with facilities in Guildford, UK and Durham, North Carolina, USA. MedPharm has supported clients across the globe in the US, Europe, Australia, Japan, India, S.Korea, the Middle East and China.

MedPharm has had direct involvement in the development of over 40 marketed products. The vast formulation and product development experience offered by MedPharm’s experts has contributed to marketing authorizations for over 60 products in the US and Europe. The MedPharm team of over 120 personnel continues to grow on the back of the company consistently demonstrating innovative and successful solutions for our clients.

MedPharm has also developed its own patented dermal drug delivery technologies (such as MedSpray®) which have the potential to enhance the clinical effectiveness of its clients’ products and which complement its fee for service work.

MedPharm’s added value is rooted in its continual search for innovative approaches to activity and ex vivo performance model development which can:

  • Demonstrate optimal PK/PD performance for NCE formulations
  • Result in biowaivers for generic products
  • Substantiate quantifiable marketing claims for OTC products and devices

MedPharm clients know to trust its scientific integrity and flexible and comprehensive approach. MedPharm employees know it is an exciting place to work at the forefront of pharmaceutical research and development.