Dr. Haydn Sinclair MRSC

May 25, 2023

Haydn initially joined MedPharm in 2012 as Quality Director before moving to Wales and establishing a Quality and Regulatory Consultancy in 2014. He has been involved in various consultative capacities throughout this time but re-joined MedPharm in September 2018. He directed the implementation of MedPharm’s new GMP compliant quality management system. He also designed and project managed manufacturing facility building works and subsequent MHRA licensing in Guildford, followed by MHRA MIA(IMP) license approval (2013). With his support, the facility received no major or critical GMP deficiencies during the 2017 MHRA inspection. His responsibilities include GLP, GMP, QA, QC and risk management. He has a background in analytical biochemistry and obtained his PhD in oligosaccharide-based receptor analogues for Vibrio Cholerae toxin at the School of Chemistry, Food & Pharmacy, University of Reading.