New Models for Respiratory Drug Product Development and Assessment

Development of new drug products for delivery via the respiratory system- for local or systemic effect- can be difficult and risky due to complications in distribution, permeation and penetration, clearance, and efficacy.

In order to support the development of respiratory therapeutics, MedPharm’s Research Biology & Innovation team is developing new model systems and formulation testing systems with the aim of de-risking drug products prior to the start of clinical trials. In this webinar, audience members will hear directly from the team members behind developing and creating these innovative models.

Watch this webinar to learn about MedPharm’s models for assessing:

  • delivery to the nose
  • delivery through respiratory epithelia
  • drug activity in pulmonary fibrotic disease
  • mucociliary clearance

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About the Presenters

Jon Volmer, PhD
Senior Director of Research Biology and Innovation
Jon Volmer joined MedPharm in 2016 to generate new technologies, systems, and biological models to expand MedPharm’s capabilities to better serve the needs of current clients, and expand into new areas of expertise. He has over 15 years’ experience developing a variety of biological models and technological lab support equipment in fields including immunology, microbiology, pulmonary disease, and mechanical modeling. Dr Volmer received his PhD on the biochemical basis of inflammatory remodeling in the lung from the University of Texas Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences.

Aisley Amegashie
Senior Scientist
Aisley Amegashie joined MedPharm in 2019 to support and design MedPharm’s custom models and innovation efforts as we continue to expand our services to meet our clients’ needs . He has over 10 years’ experience in biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, with a background in biomedical engineering and continuous improvement. Mr. Amegashie attended Johns Hopkins University where he studied Chemical and Biochemical Engineering.