MedPharm has worked with clients based worldwide and enjoys an enviable level of repeat business.

“We engaged MedPharm in one of our charter programs and have been thoroughly impressed with their level of technical expertise and team interactions. They have been a superb business partner, consistently demonstrating strong team leadership, providing proactive and reliable communications, finding creative approaches to meet out formulation goals, all while progressing the project forward without delays to the timeline. Their integrated team approach established the foundation for a strong partnership.”

Anthony Mack, Chairman and CEO, Virpax Pharmaceuticals Inc.

“I have always found MedPharm’s service for the development of topical products first class. They provide a comprehensive package of data you know regulators trust and during any project advise on the best routes to approval based on their extensive knowledge and experience. The MedPharm team are always responsive and are particularly adept at finding creative solutions to more difficult formulation issues. Whenever I use them I know they are the best route for protecting our development investment.”

Tom Wiggans, CEO, Dermira Inc.

“We were lucky enough to start working with MedPharm back when we established an early virtual dermatology development company, Vicept Inc. We have subsequently worked with them on many projects because they have consistently maintained their position at being at the forefront of topical and transdermal drug delivery. This has been helped by them opening up their new laboratories in North Carolina. We greatly appreciate the insight their scientists provide on product as well as formulation design.”

Neal Walker, CEO, Aclaris Therapeutics

“Peplin Operations Pty Ltd (now LEO Pharma) has contracted MedPharm on a number of projects and I have been exceedingly pleased with what they have delivered and how they work with us. Their experimental design, project management and timely delivery of the data that we needed in the ingenol mebutate project (now marketed as Picato®) was exemplary. I would consider MedPharm an extension of our own formulation, delivery and development resources and they have enabled us to develop highly effective formulations that have been supplemented with preclinical data using MedPharm’s surrogate topical models that has also smoothed the passage of our CMC submissions to regulatory authorities. I would recommend MedPharm’s highly knowledgeable and skilled topical formulation and pharmaceutics team to any company with actives they wish to develop for local topical or transdermal delivery.”

Peter Welburn, VP Research and Development, Peplin Operations