Guildford, UK: MedPharm Ltd (, the topical and transdermal formulation development specialist, today announced the appointment of Mike Nordsiek to the Board of Directors with a remit for increasing US business.

MedPharm Ltd is delighted to announce that Mike Nordsiek has joined MedPharm’s Board of Directors with a responsibility to help grow US business. Mr Nordsiek has more than 30 years of business development, technical and management experience in the pharmaceutical industry, especially in the development of topical medicines. He has helped lead the global acquisition, licensing and development of products in the therapeutic areas of Dermatology, Women’s Health, Respiratory, and Cardio-Renal Health. As a co-founder of several speciality pharmaceutical companies over the last decade, he has successfully secured the funding, products and personnel necessary to build companies that have achieved up to $400M in yearly revenue.

“We are delighted and excited to have Mike on board; he brings with him a vast wealth of experience from his time in industry. He will be helping us continue to further develop our presence in the USA, from where we already generate a significant amount of our revenue” commented Dr. Andrew Muddle, CEO.

Dr. Muddle continues; “As MedPharm continues to grow and move from strength to strength, having the expertise that Mike brings to the table is of incredible value. MedPharm has a number of exciting new services to add to our world class established services, including new GMP and performance testing facilities and advanced drug delivery technologies; MedSpray, MedTherm and AquaRMed that have been developed for the benefit of our customers. With Mike’s assistance we are in a better position than ever to ensure our continuing success in the field. In addition, our clients in all of North America will benefit from having the opportunity for closer contact with MedPharm, and access to a true expert.”

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