Drug Delivery and Formulation Summit

March 9, 2020 - March 11, 2020

MedPharm is made up of specialist formulators and topical drug delivery experts. Join Dr. Charles Evan’s presentation on Tuesday 10th March at the Drug Delivery and Formulation Summit in Berlin to learn about “Advances in Dermal Drug Development – The Formulation and The Model.”

Unite with leading industry experts at our presentation where we will unveil critical preclinical insights and formulation strategies crucial for the successful advancement of your topical or transdermal drug product.

Be a part of insightful discussions. Break boundaries with MedPharm.

Get in Touch
Please complete the contact form here, or send us an email at busdev@medpharm.com to in order to set up a meeting. Alternatively, feel free to come and find our team during the conference and get to know where we can help you in your topical and transdermal development programme.