MedPharm’s TurChub model helps Sandoz expand marketing claims for nail fungal treatment

Sandoz produce a 5% Tavaborole topical solution to treat onychomycosis (T. rubrum), which is a fungus that infects nails. T. rubrum discolors nails it has infected and can make them painful to touch or cut. This topical solution provides an important alternative for patients where oral antifungal medications may have unwelcome side effects.

Sandoz wanted to understand the impact of nail varnish on the efficacy of its solution.

To address this, MedPharm designed a study using its proprietary TurChub model. This model is especially designed to quickly differentiate the anti-microbiological activity performance of topical drugs or medicines through a variety of hard or soft tissues. It can provide a rapid and visual read out of the efficacy of a treatment and has been rigorously validated to be representative of the clinical situation.

MedPharm’s study elucidated that the presence of nail polish had no impact on the ability of the drug to penetrate the nail and kill the fungal infection. This data was then published in the Journal of Dermatology Treatment to help to educate dermatologists and podiatrists on how this solution can be applied.