Demonstrating application of in vitro disease activity model to clinical situation

MedPharm’s specialist tissue biologists have developed a range of in vitro activity models for measuring the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of topical products applied to the skin and other human epithelial tissues. These models don’t only measure the penetration and permeation of the active through the skin but also demonstrate that the active ingredient is positively impacting relevant disease-related pathways that have been upregulated.

The question remains how representative are these models to the clinical environment? No matter how good a model is it is still a model and there remains a level of uncertainty. To test for a correlation MedPharm scientists reviewed the data from clinical studies reported in the open literature on atopic dermatitis and found that the upregulation of key inflammatory pathways (IL13 and IL31) was in the same order of magnitude as those found in the MedPharm in vitro models. This gives clients and their potential investors an extra level of confidence that the activity seen by their potential products in the models will be reproduced in the clinic.