Automated flow-through in vitro testing helped physicians understand how to apply Pfizer’s cream

Pfizer’s Crisaborole ointment, 2% (Eucrisa) for atopic dermatitis is commonly applied by patients in combination with emollients. MedPharm designed and performed a study to determine the potential effect of emollient application on Eucrisa performance.

MedPharm used its proprietary MedFlux-HT® automated flow system to determine the penetration of Eucrisa through fresh human skin in the presence and absence of these emollients.

MedFlux-HT closely replicated a clinical environment for the study, preventing any drug saturation issues seen in static models. The system used automation to generate more data with less variability, providing greater confidence in the study results. This IVPT model was more cost-effective, sensitive and less risky than running a clinical trial to monitor the same effects.

Using the data produced by MedPharm, Pfizer demonstrated that the emollients could have an effect on penetration and permeation. They consequently made recommendations on how Eucrisa should be applied with emollients, with technical papers and posters of the data presented at key conferences with MedPharm as a co-author.